Sunday, July 19, 2009

haiku one oh nine

a tragedy at sea

sunday sutro baths
the sea she grumbles a bit
feeds on her anger

day by ev'ry day
she beats the shit out of the
nooks crannies and caves

ribbons of water
twist twirl tickle and tingle
sweet sugary love

her greying blowhole
spews surf sand sun and pleasure
she wants only him

the stairs leading down
blocked by sign with picture of
man swept out to sea

spry tourist hops wall
big wave big spray he tumbles
the sign is quite clear

eight men sit their boards
in kelly's cove near seal rock
see a head bobbing

two tourists tripping
lounging in their lawnchairs
view the baths below

sun below the gulls
umbrella deflects the fog
shore patrol speeds by

there was a good man
a long tube slid down his throat
red lights flash for him

oblivious folks
waltz along the beach tonight
sand stirs between toes

he won't die alone
there's always somebody else
follows soon enough

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