Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A bit like that...

strolling along the sidewalk the streetlights fading as does the time the coolness of the evening bringing the slightest of a sting no not a sting a bite no not quite a bite more of a nibble a sharp little nibble on her cheek that same cheek whose rosy coolness i want to feel to taste on my lips

strolling along the sidewalk walking arm in arm her hand looped through my arm such a gentleman i should be wearing a top hat and tails i should be laying down my cape across the end of evening puddles so silently settled into the concave bosoms of the path those ripples of the next day that threaten the heels of her sexy shoes those heels that whisper that murmur in a tapping staccato code

yes come on
yes it's ok

just give me a nudge tip me over a little let me stumble to the ground

yes it's ok
yes come on
take me


and yes these heels a little too high for the walk the walk a little too uneven with its nooks and crannies and possibilities the night a little too late perhaps the morning a little too early

stumbling through the chilled mist yeah it's a bit like that

the night at our heels the evening in our wake the world ahead of us in front of us the dark before the dawn settled in between

me the perfect gentleman i should be wearing a top hat and tails i could be swearing my love through these tales i would be sharing this sweet bed of nails

if only oh if only

we had the time because yeah it's a bit like that

and men who last saw sobriety hours days ago sit in the doorways lift their crinkled paper bags toward olympus toast the romance of the evening the swagger of love the stagger of blood they lend witness provide testament to the gift of the gods the benediction of bedlam within the heart

my heart

that infatuation that drives a man to silliness that leads to giggles and grins that opens to an opiated lack of regard for anything anyone else the rest of the world blurred and crisp that myopia of desire strips me of my sins scrubs my conscience of right and wrong i am in a persistent state of anticipation of tingling lingering limbo

the clickety click click of a lone bicycle coasting down the slight slope the tar and gravel asphalt moaning its complaint joining the cooing of starlings the stars whistling the slightest screeching streetcar metal on metal from blocks away

but still i hear her smile

i do

i hear her smile

leaves of peppermint dancing in the wind flittering fluttering a soft flute a razor's edge

she shakes the mist from her short blonde hair a sparkling a twinkling a soft ballet of tinkerbells in the breeze crystal chimes plinking the strings of air baptizing my soul holy water droplets sprinkled from jesus' cunt

the girl the woman the holy ghost

blessed be her name her kingdom come her will be done

that girl she is my heaven

i her messenger her apostle her witness her virgin her sacrifice on the altar of what is to be i will write her gospel deep dark verses of the one true church

and the chill of the air sends her closer both her hands looped through my arm her head tucked between chin and throat her cheek on the cashmere of my coat her vaporous breath blowing clouds of joy little ethereal bubbles cartoonish word balloons with little necco sweetheart candy sayings evaporating into the night

kiss me
sweet talk
be mine

i'm looking for a streetlight a bench perhaps a chalk drawing on the walkway i want to be her dick van dyke tap tap dancing along the precipice of her inner thighs a wondrous technicolor extravaganza where we hold hands count to three and leap from the edge


and i sing

i sing

what a lovely 'oliday with you girl what a lovely 'oliday indeed

an animated adventure with vandals and thieves villains of a dastardly simon whiplashly soul i am her dudley do-right she my nell i will rescue her from the oncoming train release her from the ties that bind

and even the mannequins in the store windows nipples alert smiles demure gazing out into some nighttime daydream even the mannequins in the store window they yawn

just a bit
only so slightly

but just enough to infect us to spread it around first me then her a familiar comfort

a smittering a smattering
a pittering a pattering
a destination reached

a longing a lingering
a smile a clinging
such a delicate peach

a last kiss on the cheek

an opening of the door

me the perfect gentleman i should be wearing a top hat and tails i could be swearing my love through these tales i would be sharing this sweet bed of nails

if only oh if only

we had the time and all that

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