Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jesup, part the seventh

ron he'd come driving over late in the evening he'd find sally about to leave her friends those friends of sally that ron didn't really know jesup being small but rather cliquish and set in its ways

and sally

she would be about to leave

this crowd her friends

she'd hop in the truck his truck they'd drive off sometimes to the river sometimes they'd go to her house if perhaps her parents were off away for the day or if only for a few hours out of town down at the lakehouse

her house her home a big rambling two story with a wrap around porch set in the middle of what used to be an old pecan grove

they'd run up the wide staircase to her room her room all the way upstairs in the converted attic with the peaked ceilings and dormers providing pockets and nooks and crannies for the day's heat to settle and simmer and their clothes would be off before they hit the last step and they would fall upon her bed together arms around each other grabbing at each other and they would fuck long and giggling loud and they would have at it with wild wiggling abandon crazy old fashioned teenage fucking rolling around on the white cotton sheets swimming through the clouds of humidity sweat pouring from bodies all a'blur stirring sweat and semen and spit and venom and juices of all sorts into a frothy attempt

to find the love

that should have been that was supposed to have been

that could have been