Monday, September 13, 2010

amsterdam a short tale of lost

and then there was the one where the stoned cracker once again found himself dazed and confused and a little lost yes both in his head and geographically these fucking canals they all look alike they curve and slide and he goes this way and that and he's been coming to this town for fifteen years and he still gets lost perhaps worse now more than ever maybe it's the weed maybe it's age maybe it's genetics maybe the weight of his cock throws him off balance and a ten minute walk from neumarket turned into maybe ninety even with the lovely helpful dutch boys and girls pointing him hinder and yonder and it was only when he was just about to give up claim a bench to maybe gaze into the misty neon for the remainder of the evening the morning when there she was his hotel just dropped into his lap like a drunk stripper

serendipity it just seems to look over him

ah amsterdam and all that

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textygirl said...

Wow, I went looking for you, and lo, a photo. Nice to see you. xo