Friday, September 2, 2011

Wake Up Call

down down it bounds the world it bounces around about through this space this darkness this void like some super ball thrown off the garage roof off the drive up up into the sky above crashing down surprising us all with each and every direction

just as i am today surprised with each and every erection

such a blessing for such a messing

what are the odds who would have thought who could have imagined

heh not me

crawling from an unshared bed glancing back over my shoulder just in case hey it happens just as the world yeah it happens but there is love hey there is love it’s simply silent this morning this dawning of a new day

cock still hard can’t remember the dream can’t remember the object of my yearning i’m sure my intentions were honorable i’m sure my furtive frolicking fancy fucked me with nothing but love lust longing


before sucking me dry

a quietude broken by the push of a button a familiar unnamed voice what the fuck ever happened to bob edwards when did he leave a stumble upon arthritic feet to stand before the toilet hang cock and piss glancing out the window

witness the whispering of foggy fingers frottaging up against the walls even the fucking clouds get a little somethin’ somethin’ this morning

a shake a shiver a flush a whoosh a swirl a rinse a splash of cool water on the face a glancing a lingering in the mirror hands on the edges of the sink holding myself up holding my own gaze studying looking deeply man to man eye to eye beneath the dark brown beneath the blackness of the edges eyelashes long and thick like they belong to some chick eyebrows threatening bushiness if left untended beard whiskers merely pretending coarsely coming around sparsely sprouting in patches like a backyard lawn littered with atomic doggy pee spots

i shake my head hair flies jowls jiggle and i spit

my image asking why

i have no answer and i shrug

down the hallway the nip of the hardwood floor comforts my sore soles that carry me into the kitchen tip toeing from wood to tile changes the chill only by a couple of cool degrees the coffee grinder grates my nerves the scent grants serenity calms the nerves heightens the senses with raised eyebrows piques my picadilly even before a single drop drips touches to tongue

inhale deeply


in the gurgling espresso atop the stove

a demitasse pinkie extended purple mountains majesty fruited plains discussed on the radio that same strangely familiar eerily strange voice that is not bob edwards follows

i don’t like the quiet who stole the noise where is the click click shuffle shuffle giggle gaggle yelling screaming j’accuse leggo my eggo they were all here not so long ago

i look out the window demitasse in hand a trickle of fog slides down the glass down my cheek the steady grumble of the ocean my own personal white noise machine massages the edges of the caffeine bursting through my veins

addictions are so subtle

they start with a touch a greeting a grin a giggle a chocolate bar and a jar of peanut butter handcuffs and candy valentines tangerines and tongue

addictions are so subtle

they never end they just slow down to an itch they never end they just scratch at the screen they just jiggle the handle

who will be my pocahontas save me from this sword hanging over my neck

don’t you know i’ve got you under my skin sugar i’ve got you deep in the heart of me so deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me i’ve got you under my skin

and i’m left doing the two step with nary a transylvanian transvestite transexual tagging about no tantalizing tart with an adam’s apple to twirl about one two three one two three

no one with whom to tiptoe through the tulips i just want to tiptoe through the tulips

and the coffee works its magic the bowels flutter morning gas the porcelain calls beckons i oblige the dude abides morning ritual overcomes any thoughts of procrastination immediate gratification always rules over distant goals ah the dignity of regularity

addictions are so subtle but goddamn i do love a good morning shit

plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is take me to the river the warmth of the shower pours over me scrub a dub dub a little morning soapy stroke just to let big john henry know the desire is still there that i’m not forgetting about him just a tease i whisper i suggest hey don’t worry you’ll get yours hey diddle diddle a cat a fiddle a cow a moon a bag of day glo gummy worms a towel stolen from marriott buffing my back and ass a q-tip whisked out of a sweet pewter container stolen from a marriott

sit naked on the couch the sun does the morse code jitter through the windows fighting the fog sit down on the couch decode the message while i grind a bud and roll a joint on a silver pewter tray stolen from marriott slip the phattie behind my ear shred a couple more buds roll a couple more jays place them in a handy dandy anti airport detector plastic case that our hero dug out of a box of lucky charms collect all five colors

jeans black tee shirt boots

throw my laptop into my bag grab my suitcase packed the night before

clomp down the steps

ready for the road and all that

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Victoria said...

the subtlety of emotions