Friday, February 3, 2012

Spinning Me Slowly

it is somewhere around the balboa theater near the edge of the world when the blue dream begins to kick in when the dark dark blue hashish whispers her magic words licks at my soul with her wicked tongue

i will remember in some near or distant future i will remember saying something like i feel a bit lightheaded maybe you should drive then whoa i turn your way well hey you aren’t there

baby where the fuck did you go

and suddenly there is a terrible roar all around us and the sky is full of what looks like huge bats all swooping and screeching and diving around the car

and a voice is screaming holy jesus what are these goddamn animals

then all is quiet

how do you do that where do you find these rabbit holes worm holes peek a boo drive-by glory holes into my mind my heart my soul my dreams i don’t know do you know how you do that how you do that

like a thread of heroin sneaking up through the vein

bursting out like yellow fucking stone jelly fucking stone

in my brain

just like pop rocks

hey boo boo i’m smarter than the average bear don’t you know and i got to pull over I pull the beater beemer over slide her tired old self right into an always open outer richmond outsideland out by the beach parking spot windows down the breeze blowing in off the water so chill and cool

the little hairs on the back of my neck they just tingle they stand up and wiggle they dance all about and tickle my fancy send shivers up and down my spine

like i’m back home way up through the woods out on the edge of the pasture sitting up in the sugar shack on a bale of hay with my first girlfriend debra she sweet and nasty debra she taught me to kiss she taught me to touch lips and linger and enjoy and feel the love and give the love and share the love and we wiggled and we danced on those bales of hay way out there in the sugar shack

goddamn can i get a witness

one mo’ little toke o’ the blue dream little dark blue pearls of pussy dripped into such a wondrous resin to sacrifice to the goddess herself toss the virgin onto the fire breathe her in

feel it

do it

express yourself

i’m here to get a little trim touch up the locks do the metrosexual thing fight the aging fight fight against that good night my man peter pan he keeps his shop way out here by the beach i have traveled from my perch atop little city i made my way out meandered out over hill and dale to this edge hey it’s worth it hey

he’s peter fucking pan

doesn’t speak a word of english but he’s the hippest dude i know peter fucking pan way out here in never never land

and i walk in and here’s peter’s wife may and she sits me down and brings me fresh pineapple cake fresh from tawain from where they’ve just returned back from chinese new year’s she brings me jasmine tea she so cool she so hot

we do the chit we do the chat she tells me stories of family and dinners and trips over to hong kong to shop and she shows me a new scarf it is beautiful a jade color with gold threads running through in wild patterns

like you do along this blue dream trail running up and through my glory holes

then she may then she gets up and she leaves and she comes back with the black robe and she has me stand up and she has me hold my arms and she lifts up the robe with her own open arms oh god is love and love is god and to thee i do give thanks i give thanks goddamn i do and i slide right in like i want to slide into her slip sliding into her like i am simply sliding slip sliding banana peel falling head over heel like i always do i am so clumsy i fall so easily

i ain’t so easy to love but i love so easily

and my asian athena she takes me by the hand leads me to the baptismal pool to the big soft chair where she helps me lay gently back til my head rests just below the warm waters that pour oh so so faintly and there he is peter pan standing there like a large asian prince of the elves he is there behind me and he takes my head into his hands into his magical elven hands he touches me with the tips of his fingers he wiggles them fingers he dances them fingers like black bart is standing outside the bar with them fingers black bart he holding a bottle of whiskey in one hand he got that big six shooter in the other he drunkenly yelling at them fingers he screaming dance motherfucker dance shooting his big old pistol them fingers they jump to they wiggle they dance they do the soft shoe they do the tap they waltze across my head

and i surrender to peter pan this motherfucker this silly sally shit is like goddamn crack i’ll suck his dick i’ll suck his daddy’s dick after I run out of all my money sell my mother’s jewelry sell my chirruns into slavery i surrender right into them fingers

and i surrender to peter pan and he takes me up on his magic carpet and i just float up and around them fingers they shoot fire and heroin and love and wonder i stand up and step off onto a cloud such a cool gold bond moment on the toes i open a door and here you are how did you get here goddamn here you are standing at your kitchen sink playing with your food

playing like you do playing with purpose

long blonde hair falling down below your shoulders



got them curves like a girl got like a girl she supposed to have got them places to hold on to got them places to grab hold of got them curves like a girl got curves them curves that give me a big dipper loop de loop ride turn me upside down spin me around baby i just wanna be your hula hoop just pick me up give me a whirl swing them hips hands over your head i am a monkey in the space ship i just wanna orbit your hot self

spin me slowly

suspend me about them hips

and let me slip slide fall around about

them long legs that go all the way down to the floor so white and smooth and inviting all the way down to them cute little piggly wigglies that i know can dig into the sheets grip the sheets grip the hairs on my legs pull me in

oh silly sally up at the sugar shack oh miz sweet in my tea please pull me in

let me be that little bit of chili in your salad let me be that touch of wasabi that causes you to catch your breath i want to be that guy

for you

i crave you to crave me

‘cause fuck you girl you do it to me it’s only fair love war mata hari you stole a lock of my hair you sewed it into your voodoo doll you stuck a pin into its heart

that draws me up behind you that pulls me up to you that takes my hands that sends my hands up and around that take your fullness in squeezes you back into me that move up to your throat as your head falls back and turns to kiss

to let your lips linger

your throat in my hands

lord know how i miss those days dressin’ up for church on easter sunday doing the electric slide at every party

if only you knew what i’ve been through you would celebrate

get up

you would celebrate

like i celebrate like i’m celebrating right now pressing up against you standing up there against the kitchen sink all wondrously june cleaver you should have pearls big droplets of white pearls on that milky pale soft silky skin pressing up against you

wanting you needing you right here right now you can feel me i know you can right this very moment you feel me growing you feel me breaking out breaking through i cannot be contained

you do that to me

i want to be that guy for you

and then the door it closes that wind it just sweeps me out and the door it closes and the magic carpet it floats back down to the ground and peter pan’s magic fingers they’re tapping upon my head as he’s finishing up with a quick playful toweling and i open my eyes and may she’s standing there in front of me and she’s not looking at my eyes she looking a little further south and here you’ve gone and done it again got me all worked up even in my blue dream magic finger haze you got me all jiggety you’ve left me so wanting craving

it’s there for all the world to see how i bleed how you make that voodoo doll make me bleed baby you are my voodoo priestess i am your zombie prince with the monster slumber time dream space hardon

and may her eyes then move up to greet mine with a grin and me well i just close my eyes and lay back down into the towel

spinning me slowly and all that

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