Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jesup, Part the Ninth

goddamn he misses sally she a year younger she in her senior year of high school while he enters the world leaving her behind

goddamn he misses sally thoughts of that last night on the court house lawn brings about a stirring in his heart in his jeans that last night before heading off to atlanta that first time a sunday night the moon dull the stars covered by a thin layer of clouds late enough so that most of the street lights had extinguished their hissing candescence late enough that the mosquitos had long since retired back to the swamp to fuck breed procreate repopulate on the murky waters late enough that the occasional heat lightening lights up the outside of the courthouse with some random time elapsed strobe light beckoning the beginning of a black and white horror movie on tee vee in the early early morning the sound turned all the way down

they walk along the sidewalk hand in hand the soft pre-dew grass beckoning to them from beneath the shadows of the magnolia they glancing left right behind scurrying across the lawn behind the tree at first leaning against the smooth bark ron presses up against sally kissing her with a going away passion a sailor about to ship out she promising to wait he promising to write both promising anything that would provide the excuse to move to the next base

ron's hand up and under her tee shirt her small pert breasts wanting needing no bra ron's hands lifting the soft cotton skirt sliding slipping down into the soft cotton panties her legs spreading bowlegged she going onto her tippy toes opening up providing succor to the lost the desperate

both of them sliding sliding she scraping her back on the bark leaving scratches to explain tomorrow but that's tomorrow tonight she scrapes her back as she slips down onto her ass ron onto his knees their lips never parting she pulling at the buttons on his shirt

mumbling whispers of encouragement cracker love songs beneath the magnolia ron softly proclaims her beauty as she pulls back the drapes opens the gate her flat stomach a swirling portico of welcome he expressing his admiration of each nipple as his tongue darts back and forth

slowing down as his lips approach her soft tanned throat taking a moment touching her vulnerability her last little bit of innocence his fingers softly about her throat the lightest of touches a tear drops from his dope reddened eyes her eyes give way to a momentary note of surprise of concern before he murmurs his love

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