Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jesup, Part the Seventh

ron and his momma step standing gazing out over the bit of well kept official looking lawn stretching down to the street new brunswick street that tees into cavendish square this wayne county courthouse lawn this lawn where last summer the end of last summer the night before he was taking off for school

sweet sweet sally

she who is so so sweet

after he had been hanging with his friends some of whom were going to altamaha technical college some of whom were going down the road to georgia southern some headed off to the university most just hanging around trying to find jobs maybe a little logging maybe a little farming

hanging around lying about the good old days

hanging out down in the clearing out by the river just outside of town cars trucks pulled up and off into the dark an old tire burning low its rubbery fuel melting into flame its steel belt sparkling molten red before turning a dull dull black

just a bunch of boys with beers and joints

kicking the tire every now and then

sparks sailing up into the darkness framing their faces the scraggly growth on their cheeks and chin their shaggy frizzy stringy bushy hair some held in place by a hat a cap sporting the wayne county yellow jacket or some sort of tractor or chewing tobacco some just flying free along with their freak flag

most wearing tee shirts everyone of them wearing jeans

most of those levis

passing joints sipping something talking story

hey remember when johnny gee drove his truck down into the pond took the left when he should have taken the right took us all night to handwench that fucker out yeah remember when bobby ben was driving his truck down twenty seven drunk as a cooter remember he took out all them mailboxes just out of pure meanness that big old grill guard on that big green monster heh yeah hadn't been for those boxes he might have gone on off into the drainage ditch might have turned that fucker over heh we had a few that night hey remember when sammy steve took all them ludes and picked a fight with those waycross boys he got the shit kicked out of his redneck self yeah but he got in a few shots they left with a few marks


hey remember when donny dee shot himself in the head with that shotgun when that girl broke his heart


remember when


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