Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Acts of Sanity

first there is this then there is that

flip the card roll the dice take a coin rub a dub dub scratch the itch scratch off a winner anyone can win all it takes is one lucky guess pull it from a dream pull it from a vision pull it out his ass shake shake shake the eight ball what does it say

he don't know he just thinks hey they just gave me a number when i was young

oh lawdy

friday it do lead on into sattidy just like it do just like it always do

the institutionalization the ritualization of love almighty if it's tuesday it must be belgium if it's wednesday it must be meatloaf

bay bridge crossing riding the ribbon running the top deck into the city norcal winter moving into spring not quite there on its way getting around to it the tempers of youth flaring the toddler of the season just can't make up its mind it rains it doesn't it ain't right now it ain't raining right now it's saturday afternoon and the clouds they gather like a tantrum brewing it's going to it's going to rain

but not yet

but not just now

that time of the year though tis the season for the reason don't you know sorta in between stretched not squeezed

maybe it's more lift and separate mother earth frisky teen that she is she be so tempestuous and sexy right about now

silly little tart telegraphing her blood orange crack of dawn dip dip dipping her little finger into the bowl of desire tasting the crystalline cries of christian blood

saints and sinners simmer and stew

while white puffer clouds move across the azure palette a little bit of grey edge a little cranky maybe not enough sleep perhaps they move across the heavens with a purpose with such speed it seems maybe he is traveling within some magical weather channel blessed time elapsed photography exhibit at the exploratorium

not only does he glimpse them flying past his open sun roof not only does he catch them winking at him suggestively he also contributes he complements he leans back his head he sends big rasta wafts floating upward and onward


it's a wondrous world not a bad day for a drive not a bad day to be alive hey diddle diddle jumping over the moon jumping the shark whatever either or

phat hand-rolled joey filter to lips smoke to lungs tingle to mind and body an easing of the gas pedal sun poked and jabbed through the windows driving through a plate full of sparkles and smirks

lo the hint of skin brushing skin still fresh

the tickle of tongue tattling secrets never to be told only to taunt tease til maybe tomorrow some tomorrow someone's tomorrow

humma humma ding dong din faux sayonara sends the mix to loop to groundhog day to the doorstep of deja vu

just another southern born middle aged white male wannabe redneck cracker hippie punker hipster hepster sacrilegious spiritualistic pseudo intellectual pretender to the throne behind the wheel of his late model beemer in third gear near redline not a complaint not a single whimper or protest the ipod full of tunes he recognizes but cannot name or claim any sort of relationship with other than some unrequited need for immediate gratification that expeditious satisfaction granted by some instant internet moment of i'll take one of those and i'll take it now thank you very much

the crisp march air reaching down through the roof through the open wound slapping him in the face like bruno the barber his pink palms slick with aqua velva

wintergreen sting

to remind him tis time to break from his quietude and rejoin the world

zion i and jah

come down off the mountain deliver the tablets thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife forgive me father for i have sinned ain't no sunshine when she's gone

he glances to his left as the vehicular stream approaches the ess curves before the tunnel

short red wine stain of a car some chevy cavalier hyundai kia mazda something or other with vague nevi of confused metallurgy several smudges not really knowing if they should be the dull burgundy or the freshly oxidized flakes of corrosion the venn diagram of the two so subtle as to suggest some sort of arranged marriage some sort of symbiosis

mistletoe hiding in the crotch of the old oak towering over the side yard

he glances to the left just as the rust bucket sidles up next to him just as a cute young twenty something sitting passengerside backseat glances right a large colorful buttplug of a blown glass pipe sliding from her lips followed by a billow of smoke and a smile as she sees him remove the joey from between betwixt his teeth it too followed by his own billowing shroud

a temporary fuzzy envelope hiding his lecherous leer for one brief second swirling about before whisking upwards and out the sun roof

seminolish semaphores


sending suggestions signaling his smug complacency devoid of any intention other than thought and theory oh darlin' if he may if he might have this wish tonight

she waves a childish finger wiggling of a gesture teeth broad and white she reaches forward taps the shoulder of the scraggly bearded pork pie wearing black tee shirt adorned hipster headbanger with his ass attached to the front bucket doing the whiplash while playing knick knack paddywhack give a dog a bone on the dashboard

he turns left dazed and confused shrugging a little what the fuck interrupting a knick a knack then he too glances right grins that sly stoner's grin toothy and knowing spoils the moment and he knows he spoils the moment how does he know the boy just does

he just does

and a sprinkling a spritzing

stretched not squeezed

the season just can't make up its mind it rains it doesn't now it is right now it's raining it's saturday afternoon and the clouds they gather like a tantrum unleashed yeah it's going to rain yeah it's raining

pulling down into fourth he passes the bus on the right lips like wine passes the vee dubya camper on the left with a burp and a belch the current of the stream does the big mix the big stir the big weave moves them both on through the ess curves through the yerba buena tunnel and out the other side

random acts of sanity and all that


Anonymous said...

Phatmike on the wordpath! I'm supposed to be working or sleeping, but I got absorbed by this for the past two hours. --Peter

Ursula said...

very nice brother phatty....