Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost Cartoonish

aw sugar sugar don’t you know don’t you remember couldn’t you see me all a’twitchin’ and a’stirrin’ beneath the covers

all a’wantin’ to stain the sheets with me and you shivering and shaking quivering and quaking

don’t you know couldn’t you tell that oh yes i did have a dream last night

i did i did

me and mohammed we be sitting around with jesus and dalai lama we be sitting around a little fire

a little evening fire in the desert

sitting around on stools made of lamb leather and camel tongue passing around some kind green bud you know so real so real i can feel the smoke and sand landing gently on my tastebuds tickling tickling tingle

like a butterfly ballet

pollinating my dreams within dreams my own personal satanic verse

gazing over toward mohammed he has that slight feminine curve to his hairless chin such a nice throat small adams apple almost like a filipina transvestite down over at club diva on post street

i know you know

down on the edge of the tenderloin

oh mohammed i come from alabama with my banjo on my knee

hey mo hey mo fo i look over give him that wanna fauna wink he drops his drawers leans obediently over the stool and yes

when the mount won’t come to mohammed i mount mohammed

oh yes i did i did have a dream last night

i did i did

almost cartoonish almost a bafoonish movie on the tube of you

funny thing funny thing a giggling moment a moment of mirth a befuddled amusement this dream this freudian nightfall frolic 

jesus and old dalai lama they spin around cloaks all a’flutter sparkles tethered to the edge seams spitting fire into the night they stop and face each other hips jutted outward they pull out their cocks

whip them around

the fucking jew has a schlong like a big dull scimitar long and curving up and toward him


old dalai he has quite the average cock but he has a six foot bong and the desire in his face is heavenly

and my man mohammed god he feels good riding that camel must keep his tuchus tight he moans oh man he moans like the midday prayers god is love baby we're both loving it we're laughing we're giggling almost cartoonish almost bafoonish

yeah i did have a dream last night i did i did

mohammed he morphs swirls transcends into this beautiful young woman hair grows hips widen he she leans over the stool i plow into her his wet cunt not missing a stroke he she moans like the morning prayers

like a morning fuck

mohammed moans baby jesus he sidles up in front mohammed he she grabs that scimitar of a cock opens wide swallows deep

jesus moans mohammed hums i sing dalai chants we're a cacophony of wonder of ecstacy of love of earthly godly heavenly love

dalai fires up his bong lights it with a match between his toes

almost cartoonish almost bafoonish yeah i did have a dream last night i did i did

i dance around naked on the beach beneath the full moon pan dances with me we dance he plays the pipes there is a fire sparkles float up float up float up to become stars in the night

we dance oh yes we dance

tonight tonight we dance float up float up to become stars almost cartoonish almost bafoonish allah artist earth mother sweetness look on they hold hands they kiss they smooch they even fondle a bit in that playful sort of way they pull out their brushes they paint rich rich scenes on dull canvas michael the archangel he flies around with his sony hi def camera getting that close up mister de mille

mohammed's skin so smooth so smooth mohammed's skin so smooth

i stroke his her cheek with my finger tips oh my oh my michael with each good picture he does a little jump fluttering his wings hovering a bit off the ground clapping his pasty hands in that bruce kind of way michael the archangel

a flaming faggot

who would have thought he was oh so cartoonish oh so bafoonish

my cock pops out i spew love high into the night sky white creamy love sprays floats floats up floats up to become the moon and the planets and all them cute little asteroids

mohammed looks over his shoulder her shoulder her lips open in wonder open releasing the jesus scimitar spewing his own starry starry night star light star bright first star i see tonight i wish i may i wish i might

dalai puts down his bong and takes a big old bite of chocolate chip cookie and a big old gulp of cold milk rolls on the desert floor


yeah i did have a dream last night i did i did i danced around naked and all that


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