Friday, September 28, 2012


oh my were i but her vessel cool deep smooth porcelain sheer and flat atop around molded pig iron perched upon four clawed feet gripping the marble floor talons tense stretched scratching


and endless wanting

of that sudden surprising shot that vivacious blast as if she had snuck behind me slapped her hand over my mouth to muffle to hush as she skimmed a handcupped slippery sliver of ice down to my groin

frost to fire

oh my were i but her vessel

she silently slides the shower curtain aside slaps the stopper lickety-split into the darkness of my throat plugs me all up seals me tight

binds me into submission before she

with the flick of the hand

opens me up to an abrupt thrust to a cold forceful stream a loving torturous waterboarding that gradually turns warm transcending to turning to hot hot hot til sizzling til she tests it herself with the pale underside of her wrist the light blue of her veins faded beneath

clean lines satin skin sinew tight and prominent

her scars all on the inside

oh my were i but her vessel to sooth her scars

a slight twitch yanking it back out of harms way as she adjusts the stream back to only very warm back to slightly less than scalding

the steam floats up a hovering humidity of good humor the gentle clouds paint her face dab her cheeks with a muted doris day close up

is that a twinkle in her eye oh me oh my

a sprinkling of salts lavender and epsom these crystals they dangle hang on threads of dissolution as they fall softly to my bottom before being lifted in a swirl of her hand a figure eight of fingers fondling my ceramic skin

i moan through her sloshing i sob i say between teeth gritted tongue tight baby baby you my main squeeze she laughs that gentle tejas oh you she whispers i am her main monkey rolling rolling bed blanket frolicking tie her up in the sheets

tickle me

as elvis would say
as i do pray
as i do now lay

on her floor beneath her

oh my were i but her vessel

accepting her opening up for her as she steps into me inside me allowing me to hold her she who slips down beneath within the water a slight slosh slapping against my sides a toe taps the drainage portal beneath the faucet obstructing the overflow the liquid line lifting rising lapping at my lip teasing my sensibilities my decency

a smile

a sigh

a deep breath

eyes closed her hair glides upon the surface like the aura surrounding mary magdalene she my whore my madonna the wondrousness of her breasts peaking up above the tide her nipples catching the cool breeze that creeps in through the open window biting her playfully

nibbling at her

derma dancing with twinkling toes her own personal midnight shuffle

oh so pert oh so begging to be sampled and supped by the cloth soaked and squeezed and rubbed







the was the is and the next

oh my i am but her vessel jealous of this cloth who takes her and makes her his pleasures her with a damp and benevolent roughness separates her from her sins

a splish a splash a flash of her gash oh so pink against the pale against the blonde tuft that i tickle in my cautious stillness embarrassed just a bit by the gulping gurgle as tentative toes slip and tumble from the drain


drifting twinkle toe dancing downward dog diddling

my porcelain pate i am i will be her china white i will seek her devoted addiction

oh my were i but her vessel

until she drains me and all that

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